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Poker Training
Poker Training

Poker MovesPoker Training

Today there are a growing number of advanced poker training courses, tools and books available, and we have reviewed many of them.  Visit our growing list of poker school reviews and find out which kind of training site might work best for you. 

Poker Training Table of Contents

Poker Training Online

It’s never been easier to get high quality poker instruction at affordable prices.  Just make sure you join the training site that caters to what you want to do as a poker player.  If you want to specialize in heads up cash game play then make sure you join a school that has the instructors to cater to your niche. 

You can read which site offers the best training by reading through our reviews linked above.  Here are my favorite ways learn how to play poker better and dominate your games.

Play Online Poker

If you are new to the game, a great way to learn the basics and how it all works is by playing in free online games. These games do not cost any money to play in and you can set up your accounts for free. We have 1st time online poker guides available for the major poker rooms, as well as in-depth, first person reviews of quality poker rooms.

Online Poker Tools

  • Poker Tracker
  • Holdem Manager
  • Universal Hand History Replayer
  • Equilab
  • Poker Variance Calculator (
  • Poker Cruncher
  • Flop Zilla
  • Poker Solvers
  • GTO Range Builder
  • PioSolver
  • Simple Postflop
  • How To Practice
  • Easy Hand Replayer - Poker Coaching

Hand Histories

Hand Breakdowns

Play Live Poker

Pub Poker League Listing

Las Vegas, NV

Cherokee, NC

Atlantic City, NJ

Live Poker Training

Matt Berkey in Las Vegas, NV

Poker Related Online Courses & Links

Poker Books

Super System I & II by Doyle Brunson

The Godfather of Poker lays out his strategies that make him a winning player.  Super System is a great set of books for the beginner or experienced player.

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

5-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner Stu Ungar

The Poker Journal

Serious poker players will tell you that a great way to improve your game is to keep and analyze a record of your play.  The Poker Journal helps any player do just that.  Packaged small and portable, just like a traditional journal, making it easy for readers to put it in their back pocket or purse to bring along to any game-in a casino or home.

The Illustrated Guide To No-Limit Texas Holdem

This book focuses on no-limit poker play, the staple of tournament play and casino poker games across the country.  This no-limit Texas Holdem guide puts you in real-game situations where decisions must be made and you decide the next move.

The Illustrated Guide To Texas Hold ‘Em

Dennis Purdy’s book The Illustrated Guide To Texas Hold’Em Poker, is chock full of real life hand examples, strategies on how to play each and explanations of why the hand is played like it is. It’s a great read and a great way to improve your game.

1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets

1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets will raise your game to the next level with with strategies from poker pro and back-to-back World Series of Poker ladies championship winner Susie Isaacs.  Develop the skills that will help you win big! Think, play and win like a poker pro!  This book is full of poker tips and strategies that will help you walk away a winner!

Secrets the Pros Won’t Tell You About Winning Hold’ Em Poker by Lou Krieger

Every Hand Revealed - Gus Hanson

Poker: A Game of Mistakes - David Sklanksy (not sure that is the name of the book but that is the subject matter)

Book of Poker Tells - Mike Caro

No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice - David Sklansky
Hold'em Poker - David Sklansky
Hold'em Poker For Advanced Players - David Sklansky
Theory of Poker Review - David Sklansky
Tournament Poker For Advanced Players - David Sklansky
Small Stakes Hold'em - Ed Miller
Hold'em: Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments - Dan Harrington
Hold'em: Volume 2: The Endgame - Dan Harrington
Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker - Ken Warren
Winning Low-Limit Hold'em - Lee Jones
Poker Essays - Mason Malmuth
Poker Essays Volume 2 - Mason Malmuth
Poker Essays Volume 3 - Mason Malmuth
Internet Texas Hold'em: Winning Strategies - Mathew Hilger
No-Limit Texas Hold'em - McEvoy & Daugherty
Play Poker Like the Pros - Phil Hellmuth
Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker - Stewart Reuben & Bob Ciaffone
Championship No-Limit and Pot-Limit Hold'em - T.J. Cloutier
Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold'em - Tom McEvoy & TJ Cloutier
Championship Tournament Poker - Tom McEvoy
No Limit Hold'em Book Ratings
Tournament Hold'em Book Ratings

Poker Players

This course contains information from the following players, whose poker play and training I respect: