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Poker Psychology
Poker Psychology

Poker MovesPoker Psychology

Poker Psychology

Mental Game

Mastering the Mental Game of Poker 1 - Jared Tendler (Stake Me To Play)

Mastering the Mental Game of Poker 2 - Jared Tendler (Stake Me To Play)

Poker Mindset: Train Your Brain Mental Management - Casino PokerSport

Steve Badger - Poker Psychology

Poker Intelligence - What is it?

Human Psychology

Poker Image

Tells / Reads

Tells Wiki

13 Common Poker Tells - Goku Poker

Focus on not giving away tells yourself before trying to find tells on other players. Everything you do at the table conveys information.

Top Poker Tells - Joe Beevers & Jeff Kimber

Poker Face / Robot Routine

Keep your poker face in poker by establishing a robot routine.


Tilt is when a player gets angry when they lose a pot and that leads them to make bad plays they normally would not. Take advantage of players on tilt.


Do not let your bad play or you tilting lead you to do something as horrible as cheating at poker.

Think Like A Winning Player

Winning players have a plan. Winning players ask questions.

11 Ways to Play Stronger Poker - Phil Hellmuth

Inquisitive Poker - Phil Gordon

Poker Player's Scientific Method During A Hand

  • Ask Questions
  • Develop Hypothesis
  • Your Action - Act / Experiment
  • Analyze Results
  • Revise Questions
  • Your Action - Act / Experiment