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Poker Basics
Poker Basics

Poker MovesPoker Basics

Poker Basics

Poker is a skill based strategy game, mixed with elements of chance. No-Limit Texas Holdem is the most popular of poker game variations. Because NLH poker is a game of skill, winning strategies can win over the long term. However, over the short term, the element of chance means that even if you make the right play using well thought out reasoning and strategy, you can still lose!  This element of chance is what makes poker appeal to a much broader range of players. When you really learn poker you realize there is much more to winning than what it appears to a beginner.

Poker Rules

Robert's Rules of Poker v.11 | download a copy v.11 |

  • Keep Your Large Chips In View - When you're stacking your chips, the large denomination chips must be able to be seen by all players.
  • Keep Your Cards In Front of Your Chips - Put your cards in front of your chips and cover them after you've looked at your hand and / or made your action. This way everyone knows you are in the hand, including the dealer so they don't pass you by when it's your time to bet.

World Series of Poker Official Tournament Rules

Atlanta Poker Club Official Rules

Tournament Directors Association Rules |

Gambling and U.S. Law Wiki

Table Etiquette

When you're at the poker table there is certain etiquette you should follow if you want to be invited back or if you don't want to tick off your fellow table mates. There's only a few, but they go a long way.


DO NOT Splash The Pot - Set your bets out in front of you.

DO NOT Talk During A Hand - Oh, I folded a flush there.

DO NOT Show Your Hand To Other Players or Audience - Show one show all if you decide to.

DO NOT Berate The Dealer or Fellow Players - Be nice!


DO Take A Shower - You're going to be sitting right next to people for perhaps hours, so be a good table mate and shower up. A little mouthwash wouldn't hurt either. 🙂

DO Tip The Dealer - If you're in a cash game and win a big hand or if you make a big cash in a tournament, it's standard to tip the dealer. The amount is up to you.