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Basic Strategy
Basic Strategy

Poker MovesBasic Strategy

Basic Strategy

NLH has three basic things will continue to come up over time you study and play poker.

Position + Selection + Aggression

Your position at the table (Position), the hands you decide to play (Selection), and the actions you should take while playing each hand (Aggression).

With that, I have a P.S.A. to make:

Attention! This is a Public Service Announcement to let you know if you want to get better at poker you need to learn about Position Selection Aggression.

Poker Moves
  • Position - Table Position. Where is the Button? Acting Last Is Best.
  • Selection - Hand Selection. Patience. Be Selective.
  • Aggression - Betting Aggression. Apply Pressure.

The Triple Threat - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Strategy)