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Poker Leaderboards Online Service Features Explained (Video) - See details about each feature of the Poker Leaderboards online service.

For Poker League Owners, Managers and Tournament Directors:

  • (Information Website)
  • (Mobile Information Website)
  • (Admin Website)
  • (Mobile Admin Website)
  • Dedicated Server
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Backups
  • Dashboard
  • Poker Leaderboards
  • Poker Clock
  • Blind Schedules
  • Poker Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Scoring
  • Players
  • Staff
  • Venues
  • Seasons
  • Events
  • *Ads
  • *Regions
  • *Reports
  • *Equipment

For the Poker Players:

  • Poker Leaderboards Mobile App
  • League Leaderboards
  • Winners Leaderboards
  • Player Profile Pages
  • League Stats
  • Lifetime Stats
  • Venue Stats

Account Features
Here is a breakdown of the features you will get with your free and executive accounts:

Your dashboard (formerly the admin home page) contains:
- Your Account Information
- 'Upgrade To Executive' link
- Your League Details
- Customized Points Systems
- You Hosted Leaderboard Link
- Your Leaderboard Code

Use the tournaments page to enter new or edit existing tournaments. Many features for your pub poker league tournaments and online poker leagues. Track tournament details, payment information, staff financials and points standings.

Each new player entered into the tournament points standings is added to your players page listing.

Assign players to different roles. Currently the League Administrator is the main user for your league and will be the role you will be set to when creating a new league. Tournament Director role can only access the Tournaments tab. All other roles can access all pages the League Administrator can. More customization of the Staff page and roles is coming soon.

Input your venues you play at and assign staff to that venue. Each time a new tournament is entered for that venue, some of the information is preloaded based on the info in the Venues section including some Venue information, Payment information and Staff financials.

Break your league down into seasons based on start and end dates.

Do you need to run special reports to see who qualified for a tournament based on information from many different venues then the Events tab works perfectly for that.

Place a small piece of code on your website to display your poker leaderboard.

Hosted Leaderboard
If you don't have a website, send your players to your hosted leaderboard page.

System Ads
Our system ads will be displayed on the following pages:
- Leaderboard
- Players page
- Venues page
- Admin pages

>> Give Poker League Software A Try - It's Free!

Executive Features
You can upgrade to an Executive Account by logging into your Free Account and clicking the 'Upgrade To Executive' link. Executive accounts include all the free account features plus you get:

Ads Control
You can shut off our system ads and display your own ads to your players when they check the Leaderboard, Players page, Venues page and Admin pages. Or you can shut all ads off completeley.

Separate your league into different regions.

Run payroll reports to pay your staff members. More reports coming soon.