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FAQ - Poker League Software & Poker Leaderboards

What is the difference between Poker League Software and Poker Leaderboard?
Poker Leaderboards is an online leaderboard that tracks, manages and displays points for your league results. This is free to use service designed to let you keep track of points for your home game with buddies or a few events per month. The service is free and in exchange advertisers pay us a fee to advertise their product or service above the leaderboard wherever it is displayed (your site our ours).Poker League Software includes the leaderboard but also more in-depth features such as accounting, ability to do special events, regions and additional extra features. This is a paid service designed for active commercial poker leagues or others who wish to display the leaderboard on their website without any advertisement.What does Poker Leaderboard do?
Poker Leaderboards tracks, tallies and displays points for your poker league. It creates and manages a leaderboard and automatically updates to the web, your site our ours.

How does it work?

You create your events and enter your results online, in a web based administrator area. Once logged in you can manage your league, creating seasons, venues, scoring systems and entering results. When you have a poker tournament, simply log in, click on 'tournaments - > new tournament -> and enter your results. Your leaderboard is tallied and updated automatically.I want to award XX players XX amount of points, can I do it that way?
Yes. The system accepts any points for any positions. You can add bonus points, bounty points and however you want. You also have the option of setting up scoring systems that award a certain # of points to each finish position, as well as scoring systems that award a certain % of points to each finish position. You can create as many scoring systems you want and select them during tournament entry, or you can simply type in any amount of points you want into the results field. You have complete flexibility.How do I display the leaderboard on my website - where do i get the code?
Yes. Simply insert a few lines of code into which ever web page you want the leaderboard to be displayed and your leaderboard is on your website. This code is located on the main page once you log in to your account. Scroll to the bottom of your Admin Home page and you will see the iframe code - that is the code you place within the html of your website on the page you wish the leaderboard to display. You can adjust the width and height by adjusting the numbers within the " " for width and height..

I do not have a website, can I still use the software?

Yes, we will host your league results for free. Click here for a current list of leagues.We will soon list tutorials and 'how to' guides, common errors to use the software to manage your league.How do I get started?
Here is a getting started with Poker Leaderboard guide.How do I contact support?
For fastest results you can either post in the forum or enter a support ticket here.

  • Track your Poker League Points
  • Personal Leaderboard displayed on your website.
  • Track your Poker League Members/Players
  • Track your Poker League Staff & Hours Worked
  • Track your Poker League Venues, Tournaments, Revenue Collected
  • Charge a Venue credit card when Tournament is entered
  • Access to Poker League Table plans
  • Track your Tables by Venues & Track Table Ads sold
  • Pays Commissions on League Products / Services sold - your staff is your sales team
  • Run Monthly Reports to pay Staff
  • Daily data Backups